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You Don't Have to Do it All!

Select your habits carefully and accept change


Angelo Belardi

Jul 01 2020

2 mins read


The internet is flooded with headlines like: “10 Habits to be successful”, “Top 5 habits of rich people”, “20 habits you should start right now”.

Such headlines can give you the feeling that there are dozens of habits worth taking up RIGHT NOW. After all, they could make you more efficient, productive, smarter, better. And the sooner you start, the longer you can benefit. Right?

If you tried that you might soon be overwhelmed and probably stopped in your tracks altogether.

I suggest looking through such lists to get ideas about what habits you might start one day. I further suggest to be very selective and focus on one habit a time. Once you’ve established a habit completely, you can start working on the next.

Over the years, I also had to learn to accept that change in life also means change to my habits and routines. That might include giving up habits that you learned to love and that have been part of your life for years. Having established a habit completely and that it has served you well for years, does not mean it has to stay with you forever. Maybe it can make space for something better suited to the person you have become over those years. I wrote more about this in a blog post I published on Medium.


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“Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.” - Horace Mann

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