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Identify Misaligned Habits and Realign Them With Your Intentions

Status quo activities that keep us comfortably busy but hinder growth


Angelo Belardi

Mar 20 2021

2 mins read


We all know that negative habits can keep us stuck. But sometimes, even well-intended activities can hold us back. Often we're unaware and only occasionally wonder why we're not making as much progress as we planned.

A few months back, I realized that this had happened to my journal writing. For about five years I had written daily entries and had put hundreds of words on the screen regularly. I had established a great writing habit many people only dream of. Still, I got almost nowhere with my online writing activity. On average, I published one blog post every few months over the last years. That's far from prolific — Stephen King publishes books at about this frequency.

So I stopped writing that diary and turned this writing habit into one working at texts with the intention to publish them, realigning my daily writing activity with my overall goal of sharing my writing with the world so that it could help others who read it. I wrote about this change in more depth in an article published in The Writing Cooperative.

How To

How can you sniff out habits gone stale? I suggest going through your habits every once in a while (maybe twice a year) and assessing them. Here's a suggestion on how you can do that, by going through a series of short questions.


In my diary example, I continued the writing habit. I still wanted to write regularly, but I accepted that my goal is not just to write, but to publish and share. Thus I modified the habit to align with this goal. From now on, instead of writing into the journal, I would work at a draft of something publishable.

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“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” - Samuel Johnson

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